Massage Treatments

  • Lava Shell Back Massage


    The unique warm self-heating lave shell massage will send you into a deep relaxation mode. The tiger clam shells will glide across the skin relaxing all muscles, joints, aches and pains. Techniques work on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness. This massage will leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated (45 minutes).

  • Classic Massage


    Relax and enjoy a soothing back massage with a wide range gliding massage strokes, kneading and friction on the superficial layers of muscle to stimulate blood circulation and help loosed tense muscles. Essential massage oils are selected to restore your body’s nature bio rhythm, to target individual needs on a physical, emotional and spiritual level (30 minutes).

  • Posture & Poise Massage


    Enjoy a full body massage to soothe aching muscles and relieve tension, enabling the day to day stresses of life to melt away. This massage tones muscles, encouraging circulation, giving the body renewed energy and stimulation, helping you to feel poised and walking tall (1hour).


  • On Cloud Nine


    Send yourself to cloud nine with a neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage, targeting those sensitive areas that gather stress and tension. I use specially trained techniques to relax all the pressure points relieving you of an over active mind and sending you to cloud nine (35minutes).

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